TLC works closely with local schools to encourage students to take part in the clean-up.

Get Picker Ready!
Please dust off your old litter pickers - this year TLC will be providing pickers for new groups only.

A school in Limerick taking part in TLC

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Nominated Group Leader

As a group leader, you will be the sole contact for your group. Please appoint a safety marshal for your group. This person will be invited to attend a health and safety briefing. (Schedule of meetings listed on website). 

This year the school clean ups will be taking place on Wednesday 20th March or Friday 22nd March. Please advise which date your school will be taking part.

Health and Safety Statement

General Conditions

The following health and safety measures should be adhered to when organising an event.
  • No one should put themselves or any other person at risk during any Team Limerick Clean-Up event 
  • If you think a littered area is too dangerous for you or your volunteers then it is, and you should not clean in that area 
  • No volunteer is to work alone. Always work in a group of minimum 2 volunteers 
  • Ensure there is a minimum number of 2 charged mobile phones available per group 
  • No volunteer is to climb and or use ladders 
  • Keep gates closed and avoid cleaning up natural materials such as logs, stones and weeds 
  • Our group will familiarise themselves with the location of the designated first aid kit  
  • Our group will wash hands before and after handling litter 
  • Cuts or grazes will be carefully covered up before the clean-up event with waterproof plasters 
  • Once the clean-up is completed, gloves will be removed and hands will be washed thoroughly in hot water before eating or drinking 
  • Children involved in all TLC events are the responsibility of their parents or guardians or a 'responsible adult’ nominated by parent/guardian 
  • A minimum of 2 ‘responsible adults’ should always be present with any group of children (max 10 children per group) 
  • Children under 16 should not pick up litter by the roadside

  • Our group will follow all relevant/appropriate rules of the road at all times and will work against the direction of oncoming traffic while participating in Team Limerick Clean-Up. 
  • Our group acknowledges that motorways and all access slip roads to motorways are out of bounds 
  • Our group will not go on roundabouts 
  • Our group will only work on footpaths and verges with a 60 KM per hour speed limit or below 
  • Our group will not plan our clean-up near deep mud, steep, slippery or crumbling banks, or polluted water 
  • Our group will re-use TLC Litter picking stock from previous events where possible 
  • Our group will use the safety equipment provided - gloves and hi-vis jackets 
  • Our group will use the TLC warning signage and store this signage for future use 
  • Our group will wear the hi-visibility clothing and place warning signs at either end of the stretch of road while work is in progress 
  • Our group will return any excess litter pickers, supplies and signage to their group leader for future use