TLC invites all businesses in Limerick to help with the clean up

A woman sweeps a sidewalk for TLC
A woman sweeps a sidewalk for TLC

Why TLC for Business?

Corporate and employee volunteering can offer many benefits to your business:

  • Improves employee retention. 
  • Gives employees pride in their work and locality. 
  • Increases employee empowerment. 
  • Team building and bonding. 
  • Happier, healthier staff. 
  • Identifies potential leaders.
  • Teaches new skills. 
  • Cultivates a sense of purpose. 
Number of People in Group
Number of children.
Please map until pin in on your clean up area

Nominated Group Leader

As a group leader you will be the sole contact for your group. Please appoint a safety marshal for your group. This person will be invited to attend a health and safety briefing (Schedule of meetings listed on website).
Tea, Coffee and Buns
Yes, I would like for our group to be provided with Fairtrade tea / coffee and hot cross buns for the event.

Health and Safety Statement

Covid 19
I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure I undertake the necessary health and safety precautions under the HSE Covid 19 guidelines at the time of the event.
General Conditions
  • What to do in the event of an emergency
  • They should not put themselves or any other person at risk during any Team Limerick Clean-Up event
  • If they think a littered area is too dangerous for them, it is, and they should not clean in that area
  • Not to work alone. Always work in a group of minimum 2 volunteers
  • That there is a minimum number of 2 charged mobile phones available per group
  • Not to climb and not use ladders
  • To keep gates closed and avoid cleaning up natural materials such as logs, stones and weeds
  • To re-use TLC Litter picking stock from previous events where possible
  • To use the safety equipment provided - gloves and high vis jackets
  • To use the TLC warning signage – store this signage for future use
  • To wear hi-visibility clothing and place warning signs at either end of the stretch of road while work is in progress
  • To return any excess litter pickers, supplies signage to their group leader for future use
  • Children involved in all TLC events are the responsibility of their parents or guardians or a 'responsible adult’ nominated by parent/guardian
  • A minimum of 2 ‘responsible adults’ should always be present with any group of children (max 10 children per group)
  • That children under 16 should not pick up litter by the roadside
First Aid & Hygiene
  • The location of the first aid for their group
  • To wash hands before and after handling litter
  • Cuts or grazes should be carefully covered up before the clean-up event with waterproof plasters
  • Once the clean-up is completed, gloves should be removed and hands should be washed thoroughly in hot water before eating or drinking
Not to plan their clean-up near deep mud, steep, slippery or crumbling banks, or polluted water
  • All relevant/appropriate rules of the road must be followed at all times and to work against direction of oncoming traffic while participating in team limerick up.
  • That motorways and all access slip roads to motorways are out of bounds
  • Not to go on roundabouts
  • To work on footpaths and verges with a 60 KM per hour speed limit or below